A London Lockdown Conversation With Tary Viyola, Founder Of Bisou Rose

Author: Adriana Matak 




Who is Tary? 







I’m a bright, young, true African lady, well educated and full of energy. A sheer joie de vivre!

 What excites you? 

Actually small things excite me, especially a good siesta! However, I enjoy discovering new things, I find the feeling of learning makes me ecstatic about becoming the best version of myself. Oh and did I mention watching re-runs of  F.R.I.E.N.D.S! 

What inspired you to start Bisou Rose?

My creativity inspired the creation of Bisou Rose, that was sufficient enough for me to begin. I had no idea it would be lashes though! So I gave myself a few months exploring business ideas before I set my focus on lashes as our first product. 

I noticed there was a gap in the market for a luxury lash brand, so I went on to help address that by creating bespoke packaging that would be perfect for storing lashes.

Bisou Rose creates luxury handcrafted strip lashes made from high quality premium Synthetic Korean fibres. We like to say we are basically the Chanel of lashes! 

Who is the Bisou Rose girl? 

The Bisou Rose girl is any lady who wants to bring extra confidence to herself and her look – a woman who really likes to feel her best. She carries a certain je ne sais quoi that makes her delightfully appealing. 


What are some of your favourite places in London? 

Oouu that’s a tough one! 

For a chilled relaxed evening dinner, I enjoy 45 Jeremy in Mayfair. For a more energetic chic night out, I love the Cabaret and atmosphere at Park Chinois. Hmmm and then I’d say The Prince Akatoki in Marylebone. When I’m craving a good Japanese whiskey, they have one of the best selections in London!

If you had to organise the ideal night out for someone who has never been to London, where would you recommend they go?

I’d probably suggest the Rosewood Hotel for some delicious early cocktails, then Amazonico for the exotic South American dishes: it’s lively, fun and very Instagramable. Which we all love right? Lastly, maybe then round it off at Chiltern Firehouse for a glass of Champagne by their lovely open fireplace. Perfect! 

How are you staying sane during the lockdown in London?

Actually it hasn’t been too much of a drastic change for me. I enjoy my own company & being at home (a modern-day Greta Garbo maybe?)

It’s obviously different when you choose to be home and not forced to be but I’ve been busy doing online marketing courses, teaching myself calligraphy and attempted to bake, which is producing amusing and mixed results! 

What are your post-lockdown predictions of London? What do you think will be the “new normal?”

I believe people will start to find pleasure in the more simple things like enjoying the outdoors and days out/in with their close family and friends. After all, the best things in life are free or don’t have to be expensive right? 

I also hope that with the vastly improved air quality we have seen in London and other major cities around the world, everyone will accelerate the use of sustainable modes of transport such as electric vehicles. I’ve noticed the peacefulness of the roads and I would really love a London without the noise and air pollution.  

 Where will you visit first when a lockdown is lifted?

 A Safari Park, I would love a glamping experience with my girlfriends, while reconnecting with nature and I also love animals so that would be fun!


Thank you for the lockdown conversation, Tary!

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